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The 5th round of the Maruti Suzuki National Super-league TSD Rally Championship – Rally of Arunachal – is all geared up, and will take place from the 14th - 17th of December. Participants will not only get the opportunity to traverse through the scenic terrain and vivid culture of the state, but also challenge yourself and your machine to the fullest.

The rally moves from Itanagar to Dambuk, routed through Pasighat. Drivers (with their cars) and crew members will get to enjoy an assured ferry ride across the river to Dambuk. At Dambuk, participants will also get to experience the exciting Orange Music and Adventure Festival – here, you can indulge in local cuisine and music while residing in traditional huts with modern facilities.

Route & Schedule:

This route will be green and idyllic, with care taken to avoid busy roads and highways. The surprise element will be the Tests set up by the organizers at any point of either leg of the rally. Be warned - there can be more than one on a given day and a real trial of your skills!

14th December: Pre-event Scrutiny at Itanagar, Arunchal Pradesh.

15th December: Itanagar – Pasighat – Dambuk.

16th December: Dambuk – Dambuk.

17th December: Rally Closing and Prize Distribution Ceremony at Dambuk.

Rules & Regulations:

Registration fee for a team of 2 (Championship): Rs. 20,000/-

Registration fee for a team of 2 (Non-Championship): Rs. 20,000/-.

Registration fee for a team of 3 or 4 (Non-Championship): 40,000/-

Max Crew Limitation:

• Championship crews are limited to a team of only two individuals – Driver and Navigator.

• Non-Championship crews can have two, three or four individuals.


A team in a single vehicle is allowed to have a maximum of 4 people on board, for those not registered for the Championship. If 3 or more persons are in the same vehicle, the Entry Fee is will be Rs. 40,000/-.

Championship crews are limited to a team of 2 people - Driver and Navigator.

Non Sponsored: Rs 20,000 (Team of 2 individuals)
Sponsored: Rs 40,000 (Team of 2 individuals)
Team Entry: Rs 3,00,000 (Team of 3-5 vehicles)


Prizes and Trophies
  Overall Expert Amateur NORTH EAST Class – Amateur & Expert
1 Trophy + 40,000/- Trophy + 30,000/- Trophy + 30,000/- Trophy + 40,000/-
2 Trophy + 25,000/- Trophy + 20,000/- Trophy + 20,000/- Trophy + 25,000/-
3 Trophy + 15,000/- Trophy + 10,000/- Trophy + 10,000/- Trophy + 15,000/-
1 Coup de Dames :1
2 North East Class :1st, 2nd, 3rd
3 Couple Class : 1

What you get for the Entry Fee*

The Registration fee not only provides you with the experience of participating in a highly acclaimed Adventure Rally organized by the country’s premier motorsport club (Himalayan Motorsports), but also includes accommodation and meals (on a twin sharing basis) as mentioned below:

14th December Scrutiny Day Itanagar Yes No
15th December Leg 1 Itanagar to Dambuk Yes Dinner
16th December Leg 2 Dambuk to Dambuk Yes Breakfast/ Dinner
17th December Prize Distribution Ceremony Dambuk Yes Breakfast/Lunch

Come join us !

Come and be a part of a growing and enthusiastic fellowship of rallyists, who combine their mastery of both Xtreme short tests and TSD sections. Pit your skills, concentration and determination against worthy competitors. We promise you – it’s worth the ride.

We look forward to flagging you off at Itanagar for Round 5 of the National Superleague TSD Rally Championship!

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